How do I choose my laser cutting materials catalogue according to my location?

For laser cutting, we have two materials catalog: the European one and the American one. To know which materials are in which catalog, visit our laser cutting materials pages. No matter where you are located, you can choose from either one of the two catalogs. The difference is the factory where your object will be laser cut: our French factory if you order from the European catalog, and our San Francisco factory if you order from the American catalog. This will impact your shipping cost and time: if you order from the closest site, it will be less expensive and faster. And if you order from both catalogs, you will pay both shipping costs. When you upload a laser cutting file for the first time, a popup asks if you prefer to shop from the European, the US or both catalogs. This way, only the materials of your chosen catalog will appear, and you will avoid a shipping cost surprise. It is possible to change this setting in your account preferences or in the payment interface. To learn more about the double catalog feature, read this article.