Multicolor 3D files

If you want to 3D print in full color, you will need to make sure that your file either has vertice color or texture. Vertice color is when the texture or color information is applied directly onto each vertice of the model. Texture is a separate image file that is mapped to the geometry.

If your file is in .obj format, you will need to include the following files in a zip archive before uploading.

  • .obj (your 3D model)
  • .mtl (attaches the image to your 3D model)
  • .jpg (or other image format if your 3D model contain textures)

You can also use .WRL or .VRML format. These formats contain your 3D model geometry as well as color information.

Image formats can be .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tga or any others. Just be sure that the image file is properly attached. It's never a bad thing to double check!

You need to ensure that the zip archived file are no larger than 50 MB.