3D Printing production modes

For our plastic material, we offer 3 different production methods depending on your needs:

  • Economical
  • Standard
  • Express


Economical Production

  • Production: You file is placed in our production workflow depending on the available space in our printers.
  • Delivery Times: Your object will be printed within ten days, once the printing process has started.
  • Lead Time: No lead times guarantee.
  • Price: The main benefit is to offer you a better price (up to 30% discount) in comparison to Standard Production
  • Use Restriction: This option is only available for white plastic, with all the finishes. Color Resist and Color Touch finishes not available for this option. The price must be higher than $10, per object.


Standard Production

  • Production: Your 3D file is placed in our normal production workflow and its production time depends on the space available in our printers.
  • Delivery Times: Delivery times depends on the material you chose and destination Country. For white plastic it's 2 or 3 days.
  • Lead Time: A lead time is announced when you pass the order.
  • Price:
  • Use Restriction:


Express Production

  • Production: Your file is placed in our production workflow as high priorityin order to be 3D printed as soon as physically possible.
  • Delivery Times: In most cases your object is 3D printed within 48 hours. (after reception of your payment if you're paying with a cheque or wire transfer and after approval of your 3D file by our production team).
  • Lead Time: Lead times guaranteed: if we don't respect the provided date, the difference between express & standard printing service will be reimbursed
  • Price: This premium service is available with an extra-cost compared to standard prices.
  • Use Restriction: This option is only available for raw white plastic. Maximum dimensions of your design have to be 290 mm x 290 mm x 290 mm.