What happens if my object is fragile?

If you see the following message next to the 3D viewer:

This means that your object is too small to be printed and you will need to either make the object larger or have several identical parts lined together ( the stems need to be at least 2 mm x 2 mm, to avoid any possible breaks and parts lost).

There is an online solidity check available to see if your object is fragile.


Online tools to reduce fragile areas

There is an online thickening tool available that helps reduce the fragile areas of your object. 


My object is fragile but I want to print it anyway.

If an object is fragile but you want to print the object anyway, there are 2 options you can use.

  • For our "Expert" customers you have the option to print anyway, this will then be taken into account by the production center.
  • You can send an email via our contact form, confirming the order number and that you are willing to take the risk. This will then be noted in your order for the production to proceed with the production of your order.

What happens if I do not confirm to Sculpteo that I want to take the risk?

If you order or object that is fragile and you do not inform Sculpteo that you are willing to take the risk, it is possible that the production center refuses your object. If this is the case there are 2 types of refusal:

  1. The customer needs to take the risk of the object breaking during the production or delivery process. The customer will be contacted by our support team, asking for confirmation that the customer is willing to take the risk.
  2. The object cannot be printed as it is too fragile and it could cause a risk for the printing cycle. The object that is too fragile will be cancelled and a credit will be issued so that the customer can place a new order with a new version of their object that is thicker and will be printable (an email is also sent to the customer explaining why the object cannot be printed).

It is possible if there are minor fragile areas that the objects are printed without a request made to the customer, the reason is the customer could see with the solidity check these possible fragile areas.

I have accepted the risk and my part arrived broken, can I get a reprint?

Due to the online tools and when we receive confirmation from our customers that they are willing to take the risk, Sculpteo regrettably, will not be able to reprint an object as the same result will be given.

Should you have any hesitation about the printing of an object, you can always contact Sculpteo before ordering, explaining your project, the material you want to use, the size of the object,  we will try and advise accordingly.