How do you get your 3D file?

To get your 3D file, you can model it using CAD (computer-aided design), download one from a dedicated marketplace, personalise one on our Workshops page, or 3D scan an object of your choice.

CAD includes all the software that enables computer modelling. 3D Modelling is a computer graphics technique to create an object as a 3D image in order to create a printable 3D file. These software are those of Autodesk, for example, worldwide leader in 3D file design software, such as Meshmixer , Inventor or Catia .

If you are unfamiliar with these software, you can consult our page of tutorials dedicated to creating files for 3D printing and our eBook " Design Guidelines for 3D printing" that explains how to properly design your 3D file. If you are a beginning modeller these tools will be helpful to understand the basics of 3D modelling. With the principles of closed geometry and triangulation, which is the process of determining a 3D point in space.

The Marketplaces are downloading sites that share 3D files for printing.

Our workshops involve personalising already-modelled 3D files. All you have to do is choose your model and change it as you like!