Repair your file for 3D printing

Professional 3D printers, like any other type of 3D printers, need a 3D file to create an object - and it is important to verify that the file does not have any errors that would render it non-printable. To help you optimize your 3D files and CAD files for a print, Sculpteo has developped multiple algorithms that will automatically repair your file as soon as it is uploaded to the site. We are the sole 3D printing company to offer these particular services for your rapid prototyping needs.

On this page you will find information summarizing the principle causes of non-printable files. This problem include discrepancies in the structure of your 3D file (inverted polygons, holes, single stops, cantilevered aspects, etc.) as they would otherwise translate to a physical object. Though sometimes the issue is simply a matter of model size - on this page you'll find all the information you'll find all that information and more. We've split it up into the following categories: