Setting the Print Orientation

The custom orientation tool, already available with the Batch control option, allows you to choose the orientation of the model when 3D printing. As 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique, printing layers could be visible depending on the orientation of the object in the 3D printer.

To reduce the effect on the surface, we offer some various finishes that reduce how the layers appear on the surface. For expert users, we add the option to control the layers visibility over the surface of your 3D printed object.

Polished Raw


Raw-Smoothing-Polished-Small (1)

This feature is open to expert users because it takes some experience of 3D printing before being sensible to part orientation and to its effect on the visibility of your object’s layers. To become an expert user, you can visit this page.

Once you've uploaded a file, you can the tool in the Optimize tab.

When this feature is turned on, new buttons in the viewer allow you to modify the model orientation. Customized orientation allows our expert users to experiment the effect of the orientation and still have the guarantee that the part will be just as well 3D printed, for the same price (or lower).

Learn more about the Customized orientation feature, you can read our blog.