What kind of finish do you offer?

For plastics, Sculpteo offers several finishes:

Chemical smoothing: a smoothed surface on plastic parts
Polishing: a better surface on plastic and Alumide parts

Varnishing: multicolor materials can be varnished once they have been cleaned up and solidified.
Dyeing: the material is dyed, with the dye penetrating into the surface
Painting: The material is painted allowing any RAL color to be specified. (exclusively available for white plastic for now).

Learn more about our available finishes

For metal, finishes are not directly available on our website, we offer consultation: our sales team and dedicated technical team are available to study and quantify your metal additive manufacturing projects. Together we have the modeling and engineering skills for the process and finishes to be able to work with you to create a 3D model perfectly suited to your specification. We also validate with you with the economic advantage and the choice of technology compared to conventional production.

Here's the list of the range of machining operations we can discuss for metal 3D Printing: polishing, grinding, turning, milling, drilling, threading and heat treatment.


With the CLIP technology:

Support structures will leave behind material that creates an uneven surface but can be removed by sanding/hand-polishing. If there is a surface that needs to be smooth for assembly or for showcasing,  You can contact us once your order is placed, specify where on the model, and we will try minimize the number of supports in that area, if it is technically possible.

More information can be found on the CLIP material pages 

Below is an example of a Raw and Polished objects: