What kind of services do you offer?

We offer online 3D printing and laser cutting services. We are expert in producing your parts. Our service can be broken down into three main pillars:

1. Manufacturing: we 3D print and laser cut your projects. You upload your file to our online platform: we manufacture it and you receive it in a few days.

2. Software: when uploading your file, our software produces a first analysis and repairs low-level imperfections.

  • For 3D printing files, you have the ability to hollow and thicken your designs. The 3D visualization of your design gives a “finalproof” view: what you see is what you get.
  • For laser cutting files, you can define whether you want to cut or engrave your vector lines. We adapt to your file’s color scheme and you can even leave out elements that you don’t want cut/engraved. No need to go back and forth to your desktop every five minutes, everything can be done from the online interface.
  • Interactive estimate: we automatically calculate, depending on factors such as the material and scale, we provide an instant price and turnaround estimate. You can compare between different materials and options - the estimate will update instantly.
3. Content: in the ‘learning center’ you have a wealth of information about our materials, 3D design guidelines, ebooks, tutorials (for 3D printing and laser cutting). You’ll also find a glossary that gives you a good overview of the vocabulary used in the industry.