Who owns the intellectual property rights of my design once I upload it?

Your upload’s intellectual property remains yours, now and always. When uploading your file to Sculpteo’s website, you can choose to make it public or private:

If you choose to make your file public: you give Sculpteo a non exclusive licence for your image / file. We then have the right to use the object on our platform and:

- To allow other users to select the file and print it.
- To use the image of your design on our website or a partner’s website for promotion.

If you choose to keep your file private: the file will never be used by us in any way other than to manufacture it for you and no picture of the printed object will be divulged.

You can change the status of your file at any time or even erase the file from the catalogue altogether. It’s your file after all.

No matter the visibility you choose (private or public) it will not change the intellectual property rights of your design. If the design was your intellectual property before upload it will not change. For specific information on Intellectual property see Article 10 of ourTerms and Conditions.

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