How do I apply a promo code, gift card, or store credit?

During checkout, you’ll see a box underneath all of the payment options "Discount Code” on the billing page. You need to enter your code (ensure that there are no spaces before or after the code) & click on "Apply.; why"

My discount code does not work, why? 

Should there be an issue with the discount / promotional code, there will be an exclamation mark, and the code will be underlined in Red:

If this is the case, you will need to check that the following details are correct:

  • Your code is valid and has not expired.
  • The code has not already been used in a different order (most of our code can be used only once per Sculpteo account).
  • You are using the code on the correct Sculpteo account (the discount / promotional codes are linked to a Sculpteo account, and if a different user tries using the code, the code will not be accepted).
  • If you copy & paste the code, you need to ensure that there is no space before or after the code, this can stop the code from working.