How to configure your laser cutting project?

When your Vectoriel file has been uploaded onto the Sculpteo website with a valid format (We highly recommend the SVG format. Other possible formats are DXF, AI, EPS, PDF), the configuration needs to be made:

The first thing to understand is how the mouse works with your object:

The left button can help you select the different lines you want to change the style by holding the button down and moving over the cutting lines you wish to configure.

The wheel in the middle allows you to zoom in & out and also move the object when pressed.

When you have uploaded a vector file, several styles are already registered and configured on your object. To start from scratch, you can select all of the objects with the left-hand button on the mouse as shown here:

You will then need to go to "legend" and select "style 1":

You can then identify part by part which configuration you would like following the same process as above.

What are the possibilities for the outline or fill? 

The outline has several options:

  • Cutting line (outline only)
  • Line engrave (outline only)
    • Line engraving: it is the same operation as laser cutting, with lower power. One level of depth for line engraving is available on our website.
  • Light surface engrave & Deep surface engrave (available for both outline & fill) :
    • surface engraving. We offer two levels of depth: light and deep. The light surface engraving is barely perceptible to the touch compared to the deep surface engraving (the depth cannot be confirmed for either of the engraving options as the depth can vary depending on the thickness of the sheet ordered).

Please keep in mind that we recommend a 1 to 1 ratio: