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How to thicken your fragile parts?

When the material and the selected size do not allow the 3D printing to have sufficient strength, the 'thickening' functionality is proposed to thicken the parts that may break and print your file without an intervention.

To enable this feature, simply click on "Thickening" on the left side of the viewer 3D, and then click on "Apply.” Our algorithms will then create a wrap around the delicate areas to make them thicker.

The changes should create minimal deformation and fit harmoniously on the original model. If you feel that your 3D model has undergone too many changes, you can always click on "Reset.”

By changing the size or printing material, your issue will perhaps be solved.

The 'thickened' files with this feature can be saved to your objects by adding them to your shopping basket even if the order is not finalized.

Once the objects are in your shopping basket, the thickened version file is added as a derivative of the original file; this way, you keep the file systematically initially charged.