Managing Confidentiality of Your uploaded Files: What is the difference between “public” and “private”?

When your 3D file is uploaded, the following window appears. It gives you a choice of visibility for your object.

The visibility options are displayed on the left part of the screen. They include:

  • Public
    If you choose 'Public' after you upload your 3D file, you authorize Sculpteo to publicly display the 3D model in our online marketplace (only if you have an existing store). Within the marketplace, customers can search for, personalize and print your model. Customer personalization options are again at the discretion of you, the designer.
  • Private
    If you choose 'Private', your upload will maintain complete confidentiality and be only visible in your account.
  • Shareable design link (people with the link can order design)
    You can keep your object private but activate the shareable link, and this means that someone with the link can order your object.


Due to configuration and settings for vectorial files, these uploads are registered as Private and cannot be shared.