Reducing the Price for your Laser Cutting or Engraving

Several parameters affect the price for cutting or engraving your object with a laser. Therefore, it's possible to adapt your vector file to your budget and reduce your cost for laser cutting or engraving:

  • by choosing a material adapted to your needs. Some materials and finishes require a longer time for processing. The engraving of an object takes longer and therefore increases the price of production. This price increase is due to the time needed for the laser to engrave the required areas; the engraving takes longer, so the more energy is needed, the price increases. If you reduce the amount of engraving on your object, the price will reduce.
  • by reducing the amount of material used for cutting. By combining your vector drawings in the same file and positioning them next to each other at the minimum distance required between cutting two lines, you can reduce the surface used and lower your overall price. If you order multiple copies of the same file, we will automatically position them as efficiently as possible to best use the surface area.
  • by decreasing the time needed for the laser to cut or engrave your object. You can optimize your vector drawing by limiting the number of cut lines or reducing the areas to be engraved. This also allows you to optimize the price of your item to be cut and/or engraved with a laser.

Your choice of production time may also have an impact on the price of your item.