What is a cantilever, and how does it affect my object?

When there is a long thin surface of an object, it is possible that even though the powder in the printing block supports the object, there is a possibility that the object can warp or deform during the production process:

It is crucial to keep in mind that the object is to be printed in real life. Thus if a thin aspect supports something too heavy for it, it may break or deform,  even though the object looks perfect in your 3D modeling software ( an important factor is gravity, which is not applied to an object in 3D software but does apply in real life). We recommend adding additional thickness to the areas that will get a lot of handling or support the most weight.

You also need to be aware that our solidity check tool does not detect physical aberrations such as floating parts, unstable position, parts supporting too much weight relative to their thickness, etc. Particular care must be given to the geometry of your design, and the most stressed parts must be thickened:

You can find the additional information on our Sculpteo Materials Comparison page

This Cantilever issue is sadly a limitation with the 3D printing technology, and depending on which material you select, this risk can change.