What is the price of Laser Cutting and Engraving

Your Price for Laser Cutting

Your laser cutting and/or engraving price is automatically calculated when you put your vector file on our website. It is estimated interactively. Therefore, you can see it change in real-time as you modify your 2D file or define your settings on the optimization page. To get the price of your laser cut or engraved item in just a few clicks, you just have to log in and upload your vector file. If you would like an estimate on the price of your item but don't have your vector file, you can quickly look online to obtain a vectorial file (SVG file) that is similar to your project.

The price for your object depends on certain factors, such as the amount of material used, the machine time necessary to do the cutting/engraving, and logistical costs.

In the case of cutting for specific materials (not available on the online site), we can also apply these minimum order charges. For specific inquiries, you can contact us here.

Your Price for Laser Engraving

Like with laser cutting, the price for engraving your object is calculated using the surface area of the material used to make your object, as well as machine time needed to engrave it.

For laser engraving, the price for your item is very closely linked to the time needed for the laser to engrave the surface defined in your vector file.

Since the laser is highly accurate, laser engraving requires many passages. An excellent way to visualize the laser's work is to consider the surface to be engraved as a succession of very close hatches. The larger a surface area is, the longer it will take for the laser to complete its work.

There is additional information available in our Laser Cutting Ebook.

In the case of engraving and/or cutting material on request, the price for your object will include management fees and minimum order, in addition to the factors described above.