Why was my order or an object in my order canceled?

We do offer several online tools that allow the customer to check their object before completing their order. It is possible that our online tools cannot detect issues like cantilevered parts or that our online tools have identified a problem, and the customer continued with their order regardless. But the object cannot be printed as it does not respect the material guidelines.

The main reason an object could be canceled is when the objects are too fragile to be printed without causing a risk to our 3D production.

Another example: While uploading your objects, you’ve declared that the 3D file contains only one object, including several parts. The order will be canceled, and we invite you to upload your file again and select the correct option that will separate the objects automatically. 

In the case of any cancellation, you should check your emails as an email is sent with a reason for the cancellation. Don’t hesitate to contact us or to read our Terms and Conditions.